• Alterna (formerly Blacksmith Materials) is a new, US-based technology company focusing on advancements to Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) methods.

• DRI is an environmentally-friendly intermediate material used in steel production and is necessary for reducing GHG emission from iron & steel production. High operating and capital costs of other DRI systems are barriers to widespread adoption in the market.

• Alterna’s revolutionary design promises a new DRI process which is cheaper and faster to implement and operate than other DRI systems or even traditional (non-DRI) methods. We believe that making DRI economical and competitive with traditional processes is the only way to achieve rapid, widespread reduction in carbon emissions from iron & steel production.


Scalable & modular
• Rather than one large reactor, our design uses multiple small reactors (100-200 kt/yr) in a parallel configuration. This enables us to use heat more efficiently and reduce energy consumption. Additionally, our systems are easier to mass-produce, maintain, and adapt for all applications.

Integrated hydrogen production
• Waste heat and materials are used to produce hydrogen and other reductant gases adjacent to and within the Alterna reactor. Alterna’s proprietary design features improve the efficiency of hydrogen generation and reduce the total energy required to produce DRI.
• Our process is adaptable for different reductant gasses and energy sources which makes it suitable for all locations and applications.

Iron ore grind as feedstock
• Alterna’s process is based on flash reduction technology and processes iron ore grind/concentrate directly. Other DRI processes require additional processing such as pelletizing and/or sintering.
• Using grind directly consumes less energy because less reductant gas and pre-processing is needed. Alterna’s propriety features address the challenges of working with grind and unlock the enormous benefits of flash iron reduction.


• The two trillion-dollar iron & steel industry produces 7% of all global GHG emissions. Full market adoption of Alterna’s patent-pending technology could reduce global GHG emissions by at least 4% and create hundreds of billions in annual profit.

• Producers that adopt Alterna technology could make steel with approximately
- 26% less energy
- 68-100% fewer GHG emissions
- 20% less cost

• Going green is easy with Alterna.


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