Leading The Transition To Green Steel


The public concern about climate change has put increasing pressure on industries everywhere to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and “go green.”

That pressure is particularly strong in the steel industry, because it produces 7% of all such global emissions.

As a result, the industry is doing its best to transition from the old regime of coke and blast furnaces to the new, more environmentally friendly combination of direct reduction iron (DRI) and electric arc furnaces.

That’s where Alterna can help.

Alterna is a U.S.-based technology company that offers a revolutionary new, economical way to create DRI – one that can significantly reduce emissions in the whole steelmaking process.

As an additional advantage, it also helps extract maximum value from those piles of iron ore "fines" that mills and mines and DRI plants have left over from the production process, taking up valuable space on their properties.

The key is the remarkable new Alterna E-Cyclor System, which actually reduces those iron ore “fines” directly to furnace-ready DRI – right on site. And it does so faster, easier, more cost-effectively, and with fewer emissions than any other method.

Best of all, it operates as a turnkey service – so there are no capital costs to deal with.

(And it’s not limited to steel mills – it can be used for iron mines and other ores, as well.)


The Alterna E-Cyclor System is a radical new, ultra-low emission, modular flash reactor.

It’s versatile enough to provide solutions in a wide variety of applications, because it can not only use hydrogen or any other reductant gas, but virtually any energy source available.

And it can reduce iron fines and low-grade ore directly into high-grade DRI in as little as 30 seconds, with as little as zero CO2 emissions.

So there’s no need to waste time and money pelletizing or briquetting.

But, most important of all, the Alterna E-Cyclor System actually recycles its own internal energy, redirecting the heat and gases from one phase of the reaction to the next, in a constant, self-reinforcing cycle.

As a result, it needs less energy from outside sources, which in turn reduces the costs and emissions generated by those outside sources, and that reduces the cost and emissions of the overall steelmaking process, as well.

Finally, the Alterna System is modular – so its modest footprint can be integrated into almost any production line without disruption. And it’s infinitely scalable, so you can add new modules in parallel as your need arises.

And since it’s provided as a service, you can do all that quickly and easily, without having to go through a long capital approval cycle.

(For information on how the Alterna E-Cyclor System can be applied to non-ferrous ores and metals, please get in touch through our Contacts page.)


For The Planet
The Alterna E-Cyclor System uses less energy than any other method of creating DRI. So it also creates fewer CO2 emissions than any other method.

For The Industry
Full adoption of Alterna’s technology could create hundreds of billions of dollars of new annual profit for the iron & steel industry.

For The Bottom Line
Producers who adopt The Alterna E-Cyclor System could make steel with:
- 68%-to-100% fewer CO2 Emissions
- 26% Less Energy
- 20% Lower Costs

So going “green” with Alterna is not only fast and easy, it’s also more profitable.

(And similar benefits apply to iron mines and producers of other ores & metals.)


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