The key to affordable
green steel
Alterna Materials, LLC.
Finding the key to
affordable green steel
Public concerns about climate change are putting increasing pressure on industries everywhere to “go green.”

And many mill and mine owners are already looking for ways to streamline their processes, to not only maximize their ROI, but reduce their carbon footprint as well.

Direct Reduced Iron can be an important step in that direction, but traditional DRI technologies may be too expensive or complicated for many installations.

That’s where Alterna can help
Unlock the value of your “fines”
Alterna is a U.S.-based technology company that offers a revolutionary new way to create DRI from “fines,” without the need for pelletization.

It does so by extracting maximum value from the piles of iron ore fines that mills and mines and DRI plants have left over from the production process – piles that take up valuable space and leave a significant portion of ore unused.

The Alterna process is fast, easy, economical, and ultra-low emission. It uses a high-speed modular reactor that can be installed and maintained on your site as a service.

So you don't have to invest in capital equipment or deal with maintenance issues. You just pay a fee per ton of fines processed, and Alterna takes care of the rest.
A furnace-ready solution
The Alterna reactor uses a rapid reduction process that injects fine iron ore particles into a high-temperature reactor.

That reduces the ore to metallic iron in less than a minute, with zero or minimal gas emissions.

And you don't have to worry about pelletizing your fines before feeding them into the reactor.

They’re converted directly to high-quality DRI that’s ready to load in your furnace and make steel.
Recycle your energy
One of the features which makes Alterna's process truly unique is that its proprietary E-Cyclor System actually recycles its own internal energy.

It redirects the heat and gases from one phase of the reaction to the next, creating a self-reinforcing cycle.

That means it needs less energy from outside sources, which further reduces your costs and emissions.

Plus, Alterna's process can use any energy source available, including renewable sources like solar or wind power.
Reap the Benefits
For The Bottom Line
For The Industry
For The Planet
Alterna's process is not only good for your bottom line, it’s good for the planet. It can help you create a cleaner, greener steel industry. It can also help you extract the maximum value from your fines, while freeing up valuable space on your site.

And, because it’s a service, Alterna makes the whole process easy. You don't have to invest in capital equipment or deal with maintenance issues. All you have to do is provide the fines, and let Alterna take care of the rest.
So unlock the value in your fines. Turn them into DRI with Alterna.
And discover the real key to affordable green steel.

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